Magna Faire 2023 Feast and Food

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Feast, Breakfast and Fundraiser Lunch

Feast Steward – We are excited to welcome Scarlet Star and Grand Chef Mistress Aislinge MacCuithein as our Magna Faire Feast Steward. Testing and Tasting in process. Tentative menu below.  Iron Mountain Feast Liaison – Baroness Genevieve Alaiz d’Avignon

Feast additional $12 (Saturday)


First Course: Bean Soup – Castelvetro, Cooked Cucumber Salad – Apicius, Bread and Cheese Torte – Martino

Second Course: Verjuice Chicken – Epulario, Sicillian Semolina – Neopolitan Recipes, Fried Spinach – Scappi, Stuffed Pork – Apicius, Roasted Carrot Salad – Castelvetro

Third Course: Braised Beef Tenderloins – Scappi, Sautéed Mushrooms – Castel, Offelle – Messisbugo (pastry),  Brussel Sprouts – Castelvetro

Fourth Course: Zabaglione – Martino, Pumpkin Torte – Epulario,  Zuccarini – Scappi

(Menu may change at the discretion of the feast steward.)

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Breakfast Steward – It is our delight to welcome Scarlet Star THLady Elena Carlisle as our Breakfast Steward

Breakfast additional $3 (Saturday and Sunday)

Breakfast (Saturday)
Crustless quiches – 1) spinach and mozzarella 2)  sausage bacon and cheddar
Cinnamon coffee cake and blueberry muffins

Breakfast (Sunday)
Continental breakfast

Fundraiser Lunch by Gryphons Rest. Menu to come. (Saturday)