Feast and Food BA24

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Feast and Food

Please note no fundraiser lunch will be available. Plan accordingly.


The tentative (not truly period, but period inspired) feast menu for Black Axe is:

1st Course
– Beef hand pies
– Cheese with mustard
– Boiled eggs
2nd Course
– Roasted chicken
– Butter noodles with parmesan cheese
– Honeyed carrots
– Green salad with balsamic vinaigrette
– Breads
3rd Course
– Roast pork
– Baked apples
– Stewed cabbage with olive oil
4th course
– Vanilla ice cream with caramel syrup
– Wafers
– Sweet and unsweetened tea
– Water


Saturday Breakfast

Viking inspired

– Barley porridge with apples (customize your porridge with honey, brown sugar, dried fruit, and skyr)
– Smoked beef sausage
– Boiled eggs
– Toasted bread
– Butter, jams
– Coffee, creamer and sweeteners

Sunday Breakfast

Continental grab and go – details to come
– Coffee, creamer and sweeteners