The Barony of Iron Mountain is the Birmingham, Alabama chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).  The SCA is a non-profit educational organization which provides its members with an opportunity to learn about history through active participation.  We learn about life in a bygone era through re-creating the best those times had to offer.

We have local meetings and activities, which are run by the group officers, but the primary historical re-creation activities in the SCA are events. We focus on re-creating the atmosphere of a day at a royal tournament, a medieval festival or faire.  An event may include tournaments or wars (the SCA’s own sport based on medieval tournament-style combat), craft competitions, classes on topics of interest, Royal Court (where awards are given), dancing, singing, and of course sumptuous candle-lit feasts!

The world, as we know it, is divided into 20 large regions known as Kingdoms.  Our group, the Barony of Iron Mountain, is within the borders of the Kingdom of Meridies.(loosely translated in Latin to be “South”)

For general information on the SCA, including membership information, please visit the official SCA website. You can find out more about Iron Mountain and our chapter’s upcoming events by using the navigation links, or please feel free to contact our Web Minister. You are also welcome and encouraged to come to any of our meetings or practices. Visitors and newcomers are always welcome in the Barony of Iron Mountain!

Bjorn and Genevieve, Baron and Baroness of Iron Mountain

From Countess Thorkatla:

I want to take a moment to say thank you to the people of Iron Mountain for stepping up! 40th Year could not have happened without the support from all of her baronies and yours shone brightly! Knowing that you have a plethora of amazing cooks, we asked your barony to provide the feast. You delivered! Thank you! Then you choose to also sponsor an archery tournament, something for which we are deeply grateful. We, the staff of 40th Year, are deeply grateful for your efforts. Thank you for all of your support.
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Saturday January 20th from 9-12 is a workday at Valley Christian Church will you join me?

A list of needs during the workday is as follows


A little scrubbing here a little painting there and we have a Church to be proud of when visitors from all over the region come here the last weekend in April. Are we ready? Well almost but we need you. We need YOU to say YES I will be there. Here is a list of what we need to get done this Saturday. We have all the cleaning and painting tools you do not have to bring anything but yourself. Hours 9:00am – 12:00pm
Cleaning: Upstairs
Clean off smudges on the walls in the Restroom Hall
Clean off smudges on the walls in the Christian Issues Room
Clean off smudges on the walls of the CWF room
Clean all bathroom globes
Cleaning: Downstairs
Clean off smudges on the walls in the yellow room
Clean the window sills in the yellow room
Clean front stairway hall and door frame
Clean smudges on walls around SS office hallway
Clean coat rack sill in hallway
Clean kitchen door and frame
Clean window sills
Paint: Downstairs
Hallway Door Frames
Toddler room doors
Nursery Window sills
Fellowship Steps and Railings
Paint: Upstairs
Hall door Frame Parlor and Restroom Hall

In Service,
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Still working out all my thoughts, so I might end up missing stuff.
Thank you all for getting behind the challenge of producing an absolutely amazing feast to celebrate the Kingdoms 40th Anniversary. It was a challenge with limited resources and an amazingly thought out and documented menu. The biggest thanks are for THL William for creating the menu and spearheading the whole operation, it was absolutely amazing and I cannot wait for you to submit your bid for Grand Chef. THL Anne you were a trooper baking all the breads and welcoming us in your home to lift the burden of precooking as much as possible. Mistress Magdalena thank you for encouraging us and helping us prepare for this feast, you are a wealth of knowledge and your experience is a blessing in preparedness. Lady Elspeth you are a joy always and such a blessing to the Barony with your constant desire to assist. Mistress Demetta, you are wonderful and always willing to assist us and do an amazing job in every kitchen you enter. Baron Searles thank you for assisting me with the final steps of the pavillion set up and braving the cold to ensure food was cooking in the "kitchen" . Mistress Marsali thank you for helping with pack up and bringing us food for lunch, pretty sure that was the only food I had Sunday. Master Kojin thank you for your support and helping out when necessary. Thank you Master Francois for helping me figure out what I needed for the pavillion even while sick at home and for helping pack up the box at the Arena when Bjorn had to leave. Thank you Baroness Lucilla for being there for anything I needed. Duchess Katrina thank you for making our history display the absolute best and performing for the feast and arranging High Table servers. Lord Rob thank you for helping Bjorn set up the box in the Arena and helping with anything we ask.

I am certain I forgot something within the Barony and for that I deeply apologize. We shine as a Barony because of the dedication of each and everyone of you. I know we will continue to shine.

In Service,
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Where to begin??? I am so honored for the compliments I am receiving for the 40th year Feast. It is but for a smile we do these things!

I must say however that this feast would not have been possible if it were not for the people that supported my ideas and carried the burdens of working and dedication to get this accomplished. First and foremost, my Lady Anne that did not stop cooking, cleaning, listening to me cuss at times, and always my main support through it all. My Barony help Baroness Genevieve, Mistress Magdalena and Lady Savilla that were up early and to bed late working in any way possible to assist and insure this went well. Mistress Dametta & Baron Searlas helping keep the fires going outside and doing anything that needed done all day. Lady Savilla also decorated the hall on top of the other help.

Adelaide Colette de Monferrer for planning and getting the entertainment flowing and giving us time to plate the courses. Quintus Valarius Gracchus, Robert Brian Leanza, Jurgin, Mathias Blackett, Knut Bjornsson, Simone cel Fuemos, Arwen Garrett Wagers, Nazirah Jetha, Naomi Ruth Yeargin Cash, Parker Van Riper, and her Grace Katrina of Iron Mountain for the entertainment. Master Guntram von Koln for Heralding of dishes. You all added the ambience to travel us through the ages of the feast.

I will be forgetting some but Ysabel, Kurt Bogner, Lauralee, Sophia Berkley for all their help with dishes, cooking, plating and keeping my visions on the plates.

A big thank you for all the server that brought it all to the tables and insured people were taken care of and Duchess Katrina for coordinating and getting the High Table Peers to serve

Thank you to any I might have missed as you all made this happen!
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The Barony display at 40th year was awesome. Katrina Mountain Waya Lockhart Matt Hill Derrick Henderson ... See MoreSee Less

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