Arts and Sciences Classes

In Person

Classes are held the third Thursday of the month at Valley Christian Church from 6:30 – 8 pm central.

Next Up!

January 18 – Medieval Dance

February 15 – Hats and Hoods (How to and sew class just in time for Gulf Wars prep)

March 21 – Limpbound Books (make your own period journal or SCA passport book)


Basic Seam Treatments & Embellishments
SEE Stitch demonstration video by Baroness Gwen from June’s A&S Class 


Open Social Zoom, February 20, 2024 all times Central. Codes are posted 2 hours before start time. The password is the queen’s name all lowercase. All times Central

— Schedule is on this Google Sheet:…/1CpcDkskShXFOzbVC…/edit…
— General Social – All Evening Weekly
— 7pm – CLASS Rapier marshals in training- The required class for certification
— 7-10pm – Kingdom Seneschal – 1st & 3rd Tuesday monthly until further notice
— 7pm – Kingdom Exchequer. Occurs weekly until further notice.
–6:30 Open Discussion with KMo A&S – Third Tuesday monthly
— 8pm Central — Heraldry Afterhours – Open consulting sessions – weekly until further notice
— 8pm – Fiber Arts – Every 3nd Tuesday
— General Social – All Evening Weekly
> There are many extra breakout rooms open each week, public and private, if you wish to use them. If you want to host a room that is advertised, please reach out to me before Sunday morning the week you want to use it. Usage of the private rooms requires no notice.
> New to the SCA? Let’s chat about it. Newcomers are always welcome and encouraged. They get the right to interrupt any conversation (politely) and ask, “Hey, what in the world are you talking about?”
> Questions about a project or new rabbit hole? We’ll do our best to help you or point you to someone who can.
> Would you like to practice teaching a new class? Or teach an old class? Let us host you.
> Still haven’t tried zoom? We’ll be glad to walk you through it.