Arts and Sciences Classes

As concern over COVID-19 infections decreases, watch for in-person classes hosted by the Barony of Iron Mountain listed here and via Facebook.

You may also join Zoom Tuesday nights for a Kingdom wide social. Special interest groups host rooms for newcomers, artisans and those wishing to just come and visit. Information and schedules are posted weekly via Facebook on the Kingdom of Meridies Discussion Group. Zoom Links are posted before the 6 pm central / 7 pm eastern start time.

In person classes in the works. Watch for more details.

In Person

Upcoming class nights

• Feb 20, 2023 – Topic TBA


Open Social Zoom, January 24, 2023, all times Central. The password will be our current queen’s name.
— 6:30pm – Money Matters with Kingdom Exchequer
— 7pm – Meridies Herald’s Decision Meeting
— 7pm – CLASS: Scribal Arts Across the Known World – A tour of how scroll commissions, styles, creation, and distribution vary in each kingdom. This week: Outlands
— Open Social all night, til Midnight Central or later