Iron Mountain’s Baronial Succession Policy 2023

Iron Mountain’s Baronial Succession Policy

Revised 19 April 2023, incorporating Online polling per the Meridian Kingdom Seneschal and feedback from Baronial members: 

When necessary, and in accordance with Kingdom Law, the Barony shall, in a timely manner, petition and advise the Crown to appoint persons to the position of Territorial Baronage/Vice-Regal (Baron and/or Baroness). This advice shall be in the form of a written request to the Crown to appoint certain persons chosen by the Barony through a formal process of nominations and polling. This process shall be organized and overseen by a non-Baronial (Iron Mountain) person appointed by the Crown or the Kingdom Seneschal. In accordance with Kingdom Law, the Crown has final authority over the selection of Baronages.

Nominee requirements

Nominees must be paid members of SCA, Inc., in good standing (i.e., free from Administrative or Royal Sanction). Nominees should live within the Barony’s territorial boundaries (zip codes). 

Nomination process

In a formal business meeting, members of the Barony who are paid members of the SCA, Inc., in good standing (i.e., free from Administrative or Royal Sanction) shall be permitted to make nominations for the position of Territorial Baronage/Vice-Regal.  Formal nominations will only be accepted at this meeting, and must be made in person, or may be sent via official email one week before the formal business meeting for those who may not be able to attend ( and 

All nominations shall be published in the Iron Baron to be distributed at the next meeting or may also be viewed online at the Iron Mountain webpage.  If the group wishes, they may ask that a date be set for a panel discussion, when all nominees will be given time to answer questions and address populace concerns. The kingdom representative shall moderate this panel. The panel discussion and formal vote dates shall also be published in the Iron Baron.

Polling procedure

Polling forms and/or online polling instructions will be mailed, or posted to social media, from the Kingdom Seneschal for every paid member of SCA, Inc., within the Barony of Iron Mountain’s zip codes. 

Paid members of SCA, Inc., who actively participate with Iron Mountain but do not reside within the zip codes may request polling information from the Kingdom Seneschal. Active participation is defined as holding a Baronial office for more than one year, or being local event steward, head cook, or fairecrat in the current or previous calendar year.

In compliance with Corpora and Kingdom Law, it is the responsibility of Baronial members to advise their support for, or opposition to, nominees to the Crown. Therefore, the polling form must provide space for written comments regarding nominees. This support or opposition must be supported with facts. 

Mailed forms should be returned to the Kingdom Seneschal in the stamped addressed envelope provided with the polling form by the return date listed. 

Emailed forms or the online form are directly sent/collected by the Kingdom Seneschal and must be completed and emailed by the date specified by the Kingdom Seneschal.


The Barony shall complete the polling process and provide the Crown (through the kingdom representative) with advice within twelve weeks of the date the position of Territorial Baronage/Vice-Regal becomes vacant, or the current holders announce the intent to step down, whichever comes first. The Crown will then take into advisement the results and comments of the polling and will announce to the populace of Iron Mountain the Crowns choice for the new Territorial Baronage/Vice-Regal. Then, a date/event will be determined for the Baronial investiture of the incoming Baronage/Vice-Regal.