Kingdom A&S Regional Faire at Magna Faire 2023

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Kingdom A&S Regional Faire at Magna Faire

Registration Google Form Open! 

In conjunction with Magna Faire there is also a Kingdom Arts and Sciences Regional Faire where entries are judged with the same guidelines and caliber of judges as those of Kingdom Arts and Sciences. Competitors may choose to place one or all of their entries in one faire or both. The two faires run congruently so there is only one set up and display required. Regional Faire judges judge while Magna Faire is taking place. Please note that documentation is encouraged, but not required, for Magna Faire. Documentation is required for Regional and Kingdom Arts & Sciences Faires.*

Kingdom A&S Regional Documentation Requirements

Documentation is required for the Regional.  The Kingdom A&S office will assign judges and a judging time. Feedback from the judges provides artisans an opportunity to make adjustments and add enhancements to their project and documentation prior to Kingdom A&S. Watch for information on upcoming Regionals at the Barony of South Down’s Midwinter and the Barony of Glaedenfeld’s Iris Faire.

Contact for KA&S Regional – Duchess Thorkatla at


Static Entry Guided Documentation DOWNLOAD

Guided documentation forms for Performing Arts Entries, Teens and Children may be found under the Arts and Sciences office on the Kingdom of Meridies web page.

Documentation and Judging forms may be found HERE



7:00-10:00 pm  Faires registration/check-in – main hall dais 

7:00-10:00 pm Faire set up at the marked tables at the dais end of hall only 


8:00-9:30 am Faires registration/check-in – main hall dais  

8:30-9:30 am Faire set up – marked tables only 

9:45 am Judges’ meeting – dais area 

10:00 am – Faire judging starts – end time to be determined by KMoA&S 

2:00 pm – All Magna Faire judging deadline 

3:00 pm – All entries must be removed from the hall 

All Times Central