Largess Challenge

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Largess Challenge • 10 am to 2 pm

Greetings Populace!

I am pleased to announce our upcoming Largesse Challenge to be held at Magna Fair for TRMs Timothy and Ysmay!


What is that you ask? It is a fun competition where you can make or bring 6 (ah ah ahhh!) or more of an item to be donated to the Kingdom for the Crown to be able to give out to newcomers and the populace. These items will be on display for a set amount of time during the day at Magna Faire to allow the populace and the Crown to come by and vote for their favorite! I will be hosting this in a pavilion outside, so please come by and cast your vote!!

There will be 3 prizes given out!! One for populace choice and one for Crown’s choice. The third prize is for the Youth’s category!! We want to encourage the youth in our kingdom to participate in the arts as well!! So this category is anything MADE BY our wonderful children for the largesse coffers! Prizes with be announced closer to the event.

Please do attach a small note to each item including your SCA name, mundane name if comfortable, as well as the size or material content of the item if pertinent. We do want to be able to give credit to the many wonderful artisans in our community!

Thank you so very much for your generosity and helping to refill the Kingdom largesse coffers! All donations are greatly appreciated!

For any questions please feel free to message me.
Lady Aine inghean ui Sheaghdha
(aka Squeaks)
Here is a list of ideas I have compiled for possible projects. Feel free to take any of these ideas and run with it!
1. Belts - leather, inkle work, tablet woven26. Banner stands / portable hole51. Taster cups76. Wooden tops
2. Pouches - belt, phone, jewelry27. Small stools52. Fibulae77. Sugar scrubs
3. Jewelry roll28. Hoods - wool, linen53. Winnagas78. Armor repair kits - rivets, leather needle, leather cord, straps
4. Veil pins29. Pot holders, trivets, aprons54. Magdalena Rosary - 20 small beads, 3 large beads, tassel79. Earrings
5. Ring brooches / cloak pins30. Stuffed toys55. Knight's Rosary - 50 small beads, five larger beads: gold, black, red, clear, multi-color, tassel80. Handkerchiefs
6. Hand bound books31. Bookmarks - leather, embroidered, woven, calligraphy56. Silverware rolls81. Armor bag deodorizing sachet - charcoal, herbal, dryer sheets, etc.
7. Phone covers32. Neck coolers57. Middle Eastern Tassels82. Pilgrim purses
8. Veils33. Coif / arming cap / head covering58. Coloring pouches / rolls with pages for kids83. Site Token cords - woven, beaded, braided, leather, etc.
9. Needle cases34. Inkle / card woven trim59. Thank you scrolls for kids (good deeds)84. Beard balm
10. Needle books /sewing cases35. Sewing kit (aka housewife)60. Scribe box - brushes, handmade inks, brush soap, shells85. Alms purse
11. Hand made needles and pins36. Drawstring pouches - knit, leather61. Kuhimino
12. Bottle covers / holders37. Herb / spices62. Games - board, pieces, scorekeeper
13. Pen boxes (calligraphy)38. Chatelaine - chains with useful small things attached: toothpick, ear cleaner, key63. Bruise balm
14. Pin cushions39. Arm rings64. Scroll cases for court
15. Kingdom pennons (small)40. Site tokens65. Embroidered trim (neckline, patches)
16. Coins and tokens41. Wire weaving66. Stamps for fabric printing
17. Handmade glass beads42. Fans67. Handmade lotions
18. Necklaces / pendants43. Salt cellar w/ spoon68. Archery bracer
19. Hair sticks44. Lucent / lucet cord69. Handmade buttons
20. Period playing cards45. Belt clip / mug ring70. Drop spindle
21. Wooden carvings - toys ( horse, pig, chicken, etc.)46. Rings71. Loom weights
22. Finger puppets47. Bow stringer72. Fan scabbard for belt
23. Napkins, table runners (tableware)48. Bow string holder73. Cloth bags (for gifts)
24. Candle holders49. Pencils with arrow felt hint and small note pad74. Wool juggling balls
25. Candle lanterns50. Cup covers - beaded, painted, embroidered75. Handmade pinwheels