Toys for Tots Tournament

Virtual Magna Faire is December 11th, 2021.

In Person Tournament Cancelled due to Inclement Weather – Please join Iron Mountain in January as we host Meridian War College / Fighters Collegium.

Despite the tournament being cancelled, generous donations made a shopping spree possible and toys were donated to Toys for Tots. Baron Erik just wheeled the cart of newly purchased toys over to the US Marines’ toy drive.


When Iron Mountain was making the decision to hold Magna Faire we wanted to exercise an enormous amount of caution regarding the pandemic. Thus we determined that we could not, in good conscience, have a meeting where people would be indoor for long periods of time. Thus we made the choice to have Magna Faire be virtual again with the hope that in 2022 we will be back to our regular format.
The Magna Faire will still be held on December 11th in that same virtual format. However current improvements in our Covid related numbers allow for the possibility of having the Toys for Tots tourney to run concurrently with Magna Faire at Patriot Park in Homewood, AL (local Birmingham area.)
This will require a significant amount of coordination from our group but we believe it can be done in such a manner as to maximize both safety and enjoyment of all who attend either activity.
Kingdom guidelines will be followed regarding in person activities at the Tourney.
The Tourney format is, as always, a William Marshal tourney with the buy in being a new, unwrapped toy. Each person will receive three lives and may fight as long as they have lives.
We hope to see you there.
Sir Erik Martel, Knight of kittens, bring of Joy, Baron Murder Mittens (Thank you your Majesty)
Baron Iron Mountain
Mistress Gwendolyn ni hAilleachain, OP, The Pixie of Doom called Stormcrow
Baroness Iron Mountain
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