Toys for Tots

Greetings everyone,

Once again Magna Faire will be held virtually on Dec. 11th. We have every reason to expect a fantastic turn out full of the amazing artistic displays our Kingdom is known for.

We will not be able to hold our annual Toys for Tots tourney. Not being able to meet our friends on the field of honor is reason enough to be disappointed but to know that the large amount of Toys for underprivileged children would not be gathered is too much to bear. 

It is in this vein that we encourage entrants in the A&S Competition to donate two toy to their local Toys for Tots and to take pictures, to be sent to so that we can assemble them in a photo gallery.

Now we are aware that many are concerned about venturing forth into crowded stores this holiday season and with good reason. Thus we are glad to offer you this alternative. If you wish you may purchase the toys and have them delivered to me and I will take them to a Toys for Tots drop off myself. Just message me and I’ll shoot you my mail address. 

There is also a third option in which you may simply pay pal me at and I will be your personal shopper this year. I will keep meticulous records and every last penny sent will go toward toys for deserving boys and girls. If you are worried about going to stores then let me take a little of that worry from your shoulders this holiday season. 

We would also encourage those who will not be entering the Faire to sponsor an entrant in the Faire with any of the above methods and in doing so show your appreciation for their efforts. 

If anyone finds themselves in the position of not being able to afford entrance due to the completely understandable current circumstance please join us anyway. My Lady and I will make certain the toys for entry are acquired and donated such is our desire to have you join us. 

For those who choose the paypal option please put your name, sca name, Toys for Tots and any other information you need me to have in the notes section.

I will make a couple of reminders in the time remaining but please whatever option you choose please do so by Dec. 4thto allow for shopping time. 

Despite our current challenges this promises to be a joyous time for many of us. Let us do our best to make it a joyous time for all.

Know that I hold you all in the highest of esteem and my pride in my Kingdom knows no bounds.

Sir Erik Martel, Knight of Kittens, called joybringer
Baron Iron Mountain