Tournaments at Magna Faire 2022

Heavy and Rapier Fighting Tournaments

Armor inspection at 9:00 – 10:00 am Central

Heavy Tournaments

Sword and Mistletoe Tourney

The Sword and Mistletoe Tourney is one of Iron Mountain’s oldest traditional tourneys. We look forward to the fun of seeing your prowess on the field while participating in this tourney fought as a standard double elimination tournament.

Toys for Tots Tourney

Bring delight to a child this Holiday Season through your participation in the Toy for Tots Tourney. Each fighter is asked to bring one, unwrapped children’s gift as entrance into the tourney or pay $5 which will buy you three lives. This is a William Marshal style tournament.

Of course toy donations are open to all Magna Faire attendees and we encourage you to share in a child’s  joy through your donations to the Toys for Tots charity. The 2022 holiday season marks the 75th anniversary of the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program.

Vulcan’s Crucible

The newer soldiers of Meridies are invited to step forward, and be ready to claim their glory and pass through Vulcan’s Crucible. Vulcan’s Crucible, our annual novice tournament, is open to all rattan fighters that have never won a tournament. Before a sword becomes a devastating weapon, it must first be forged, shaped and hardened. The raw iron must first pass through the fires in a crucible, to be converted from the raw elements, into the extension of the warrior. Thus too, must every warrior be similarly shaped and forged. The format of this tournament is yet to be determined.

Magna Faire Fencing Tournaments

The Meridian Order of the Blade is hosting three tournaments along with a hospitality table for rapier fighters and interested guests.
9:00 am Equipment inspection
9:00 am until field closes Toys for Tots tournament
10:00 am Meridian Order of the Blade Invitational
11:00 am Cut and Thrust tournament

Toys for Tots Charity Tournament

Open to all fencers, this tournament will begin as soon as equipment inspection opens and will end when the field closes. Format: bring as many new and unwrapped toys as you wish. This will be conducted in a William Marshal style with the winner of each bout collecting toys from won matches. The winning fencer who collects the most toys will be declared at the end of the day.

Meridian Order of the Blade Invitational

All Captains and White Scarves in Meridies will send an invite to ONE NON Meridian Order of the Blade (MoB) fighter to participate in the tourney. Depending upon the number of combatants and time, the format will be a double elimination or round robin.

Naughty or Nice Lyste Cut and Thrust Tournament

Open to all authorized fencers. Round format robin, best of three. There will be a prize for the winner of the tournament but also each participant will vote for the competitor they feel has the most technical/historical fight.