***Schedule is subject to change***



5:00 PM                      Site & Troll Open

7:00 PM                      Travelers Fare – Main Hall

Midnight                 Troll Closes



7:00 AM                     Troll Opens & Breakfast is served

8:30 AM                     Breakfast closes

9:00 AM                     Armor Inspections – Heavy and Rapier Fields

9:30 AM                     Live Weapons Range Opens

9:30 AM                     Archery Range Opens

10:00 AM                   Rapier Tournament – Rapier Field

10:00 AM                   Black Axe Tournament – Heavy Field

10:00 AM                  Children’s Activities Begin – Main Hall

10:00 AM                  Lucet Cord Making class – Main Hall

Noon                          Troll Closes

Noon                          Live Weapons Range Closes for Lunch

Noon                          Archery Range Closes for Lunch

Noon                          Fundraiser Lunch available – Near the Porch

Noon                          Children’s Activities End – Main Hall

1:00 PM                    PayPal Class – Main hall

1:00 PM                    Warlord Tournament – Heavy Field

1:30 PM                   Archery Range Opens

1:30 PM                   Live Weapons Range Opens

2:00 PM                  Baroness’s Prize Tournament – Rapier Field

2:00 PM                  Nine Lives Charity Tournament – Heavy Field

2:00 PM                  Children’s Activities Begin – Main Hall

3:30 PM                  Live Weapons Range Closes

4:00 PM                  Children’s Activities End – Main Hall

5:00 PM                 Court – Main Hall

Following Court Memorial service for those Iron Mountain has lost in the past year – Main hall and Pond

After  Court Potluck Feast. If you did not bring a dish to share, please contribute $5 per person ($3 per child). – Main Hall

After Feast Revel



7:00 AM Breakfast is served

8:30 AM Breakfast closes

Noon Site closes