Black Axe Tournaments

Black Axe 2023 Tournaments

The Black Axe Tournament: A standard double elimination tournament open to heavy fighters.

The Baroness Prize Tournament: Her Excellency Iron Mountain invites fencers to show off their best form — fleetness of foot, athletic artistry and finesse — in this double-elimination tourney!

The 9 Lives Tournament for both Heavy Fighters and Rapier Fighters: This is a William Marshal Style tournament where a $5 donation will get you 3 lives. The fighter with the most lives after an hour wins! 

The proceeds of this charity tournament benefit Kitty Kat Haven and rescue which is a local no-kill shelter here within the borders of our fair Barony. You have all been a wonderous help to those animals that cannot help themselves and it is right and noble that we should thank you for your many years of support. We look forward to that support once again.

Live Weapons War Lord Tournament hosted by the Order of the Chalice with a $5 buy in to help support Kitty Kat Haven and Rescue. Marshaled by Baron Griffin O’Suaird.