Black Axe 2023 Event Staff

Black Axe 2023 Event Staff


Autocrat: Baroness Baroness Rondalynne Seren
Exchequer/ Troll / Reservations: Lady Emma Wyatt
Camping: Dame Adelaide Colette de Monferrer

Martial Activities

Knights Marshal Rattan: THLord Iain MacArthur
Rapier Marshal: Lady Emilia di Agli
List Mistress: Baroness Genevieve Alaiz d’Avignon
Live Weapons: Baron Griffin O’Suaird

A&S and Youth Activities

Solar Coordinators: Mistress Marsali of Crosgate and Lady Ingridr Thorvaldsdottir
Youth Activities: Lady Ailith de Steddanham


Feast Head Cook: Duchess Sabine d’Orlien
Breakfast Cook: THLady Drusilla Vitruvia