Black Axe 2022 Tournaments

We’re exactly 1 month away from Black Axe and we are so excited to host you and once again show you the hospitality of our Barony.

Black Axe features 4 Tournaments and an Archery shoot this year.

The Black Axe Tournament: A standard double elimination tournament open to heavy fighters.
The Baroness Prize Tournament: A standard double elimination tournament open to rapier fighters.
The 9 Lives Tournament for both Heavy Fighters and Rapier Fighters: This is a William Marshal Style tournament where a $5 donation will get you 3 lives. The proceeds of this charity tournament benefit Kitty Kat Haven which is a local no-kill shelter here within the borders of our fair Barony. You have all been a wonderous help to those animals that cannot help themselves and it is right and noble that we should thank you for your many years of support. We look forward to that support once again.
Sir Griffin, our Marshal in Charge for the Live Weapons Range at Black Axe is setting up 2 different chances to shoot. One will be a fun shoot and one will also join in the cause to benefit Kitty Kat Haven.
The strength of Meridies is within her people and bonds of friendship that we share. Let us take to the list fields with joy in our hearts. Let the arrows loose from the bowstrings in triumphant song. Let the Knowne World hear our rejoicing as we usher in the next year of the Society.
I hope to see you all there, as well as our dear friends to the West in Gleann Abhann.
In Service,
THLord Iain MacArthur
Black Axe Event Steward