Magna Faire Classes and Lightning Rounds

Classes can be found below, changes will be announced as soon as possible. This Class list is current as of 11/15/20.

Magna Faire Class Schedule: 

11 amMaster Mathias BlackettIntroduction to Commedia dell’ArteAn overview on Italian Renaissance improv comedy. We will look at the origins, characters, masks, lazzi, and the influences that it has had on modern entertainment.
11 amNoble Cellach ingen Oengusa Who was King Arthur Anyway?Delve into what we know about the historical figure of King Arthur. Get tips from a story teller on how your persona would have told his story.
11 amLady Katashi AkaiyamaCourt and Culture from the Far East – An overview of Heian-era JapanLet’s take a trip to Kyoto and delve into the distant history of that modern city. This brief overview will cover the history, culture and court of the Heian era of Japan.
12 pmBreakBreakBreak
1 pmLady Isabella TinkerIntroduction to Korean Royal CuisineThis class will be a basic introduction to Korean royal cuisine with a focus on the Joseon Dynasty (1392 to 1920). We will be discussing the differences between different types of cuisine (royal, noble, local, and traditional), who cooks royal cuisine, basic table settings, and importance of food to keep the body in balance.
1 pmCountess Gwen StewartPlanning Your Spring Medieval GardenIt’s not too early to start planning your medieval spring garden. A virtual look at building a medieval garden in modern suburbia, discussions of how I use my plants, with all general garden discussion. So many pictures! Participants will be given a list of great sources for plants. 
1 pmMistress MarsaliThe Meridies KA&S Guided Documentation FormDid you know that you don’t that research paper style documentation is not required for documentation in Kingdom-level arts and sciences faires? In this class we will look closely at the Guided Documentation Form and how to do basic documentation for A&S entries in Meridies. While this class is geared more toward beginners, we will look at how the Guided Documentation Form can be used with even the most complex and advanced projects. There should be time for some Q&A and roundtable discussion.
1 pmLady Soo Min Yun – moderatorLightening Rounds Part 1 – Dealing with unexpected situations in our craft1:00 The Dancers Aren’t Met, Now What – Rudaba al-Nahdiya Dance/Bardic Showcase on Petit Riens and an English dance 1:20 Oh No! Correcting Scribal Mistakes for Beginners – Mara Palmer Introduction to fixing scribal mistakes for beginners 1:40. Why your Beer/Mead/Wine Sucks – Hrafn or David Bacon How to diagnose your homemade beverages and how to prevent mistakes in the future
2 pmLady Soo Min Yun – moderatorLightening Rounds Part 2 – A look into Niche Subjects2:00 An Argument for Women’s Underwear in Late Period Europe – Sophia Berkeley Perspectives from a woman researcher regarding Late Period women’s underwear 2:20 Beetle Wing Embroidery in Period – Min Soo Yun How traditional is this form of embroidery and can we prove it was period? 2:40 A&S Judging for the Prospective Judge by Sir Jean Claude
Learn what to expect, what to consider, and how to prepare for judging A&S entries.
2 pmLord Rorik mac LugdachThe Thing but Not the Thing: KenningsA class about kennings: what they are, places they can be found, and making your own. 
2 pmTHL Aibhilin inghean DaibhidhPerformance and Written Work Documentation for Art SciDocumenting a performance or original written work is challenging. Judging sheets do not always help with what you need to document. “Materials” and other terms are ethereal concepts in a performance or written work! Elements to consider when documenting your historical performance or historically based written work will be discussed.
2 pmLady Rudaba al-NahdiyaEnglish Dance – AlmansMany know of English Country Dancing. But what about English dances for those higher up in social class? I will be teaching three stately dances from the Inns of Court, a school for 16th Century English Lawyers. We will be going over Queen’s Alman, Lorayne Alman, and Black Alman. Make sure to have enough room to pace around. 
3 pmLady Soo Min Yun – moderatorLightening Rounds (Extra block just in case)3:00 3:20 3:40
3 pmOuyang TaishiPoetry in the Tang DynastyA survey of poetry in the Tang Dynasty, focusing on major works, poets, and role of poetry in society.
3 pmLady Sefa KnytirA Fool’s Hood of the 15th CenturyA brief history of fools in Western Europe during the medieval period, details about what they wore, specifically the iconic Fool’s Hood, and how to construct one of these for yourself. (90 mins.)Handout link
3 pmMistress Andriet di PisanThe education and profession of the BardHistorical review of some bards and their education, profession, and work.