The Tournaments

Come fight in one of the oldest tournaments in the Kingdom! The entry fee to this tournament is a donation of a new, unwrapped toy! This tournament is near and dear to the heart of our wonderful Baroness. If you cannot fight, considering sponsoring a worthy combatant in the list! The Tournament will benefit the Toys for Tots charity

The Sword and Mistletoe Toys for Tots Tournament will be fought as a standard double elimination tournament.

Harsh are the cold winds of winter and still the glowing hearth and forge of Vulcan burns brightly! Unto those warriors of the Kingdom that seek prowess and victory in combat, Vulcan’s Crucible awaits! The crucible will put your skills to the test and either you will be molded by the forge or be broken upon the anvil of judgment!

This tournament is for those that have not yet won a tournament. As such, you will be put to the test. The format for this tournament is Round Robin and the two fighters with the most wins will move to a final round of combat where the winner will be the best 3 of 5 fights… (must be fought with Single sword and Buckler with double kills resetting the count to ZERO)

Our fair Barony also holds the prowess of Rapier fighters in high regard. The details of the other 2 tournaments being held will be posted in the next few days!