Magna Faire 2019 Event Schedule

Please note that this event schedule IS subject to change and is NOT the final event schedule. We look forward to seeing you there!

5:00 PMTroll opens
7:00 PMTraveler's Fare
Regional Faire Registration opens
Magna Faire Registration opens
Brewer's Guild Eggnog Competition & Social
7:00 AMTroll opens
Breakfast in the Main Hall until 9:00AM
Regional Faire Registration
Magna Faire Registration
8:00 AMMOC Roundtable
9:00 AMRegional Faire Registration closes
Magna Faire Registration closes
Heavy Armor Inspection
Classes Begin (see Classes Schedule for more)
Scriptorium opens in Main Hall
Rapier Inspection
9:15 AMMagna Faire Entrants Meeting (mandatory)
9:30 AMMagna Faire Judging begins
10:00 AMPage School Classes begin (see Class Schedule for more)
Sword and Mistletoe Toys for Tots Tournament (Heavy)
MOB Invitational
12:00 PMFundraiser Lunch provided by the College of Phoenix Rising
1:00 PMFaire Open to the Populace
Troll Closes
Hall closed for Performing Arts
Rapier Toys for Tots Tournament Begins
Vulcan's Crucible Tournament (Heavy)
3:00 PMPick up Faire Entries
Teen Chocolate Bar Social
3:15 PMOVO Meeting
5:30 PM(or at Their Majesties pleasure) Court
Following CourtFeast
Following FeastMoonstone Ball
10:00 AMSite Closes