Classes for Magna Faire

TimeClass NameInstructorDescriptionClass FeeLocation
9am - 10am15th Century Grisaille Oil PaintingTHL Gunther Wolfferum, CVO Basics of grisaille oil technique and a materials demo, concentrating on early 15th Century painter Jan van Eyck.NoneTBD
9am - 11amHacking Medieval Soap Making with Modern ScienceLady Sophia BerkeleyNo prior soap-making experience required. Introduction to basic modern soap making, then safety, materials, calculations, and two modernized period soap recipes.$1TBD
10am - 10:45amCard Weaving for the Weaving ChallengedMistress Margery of Crosgate, Mistress Dametta of ArundelDemonstration class where you will learn how to read a basic threaded pattern, thread your cards, warp the loom and begin to weave. Bring your loom, cards and thread. We'll be available throughout the day to answer questions.
Class Limit 10
10am - 11amMake Your Own Coat of ArmsBaroness Sunneva de CleiaFor ages 5-11
Children and adults alike enjoy creating their own personal emblems, just like sorting yourself into a Hogwarts House. Heraldry is a perfectly medieval way to make your mark. Children will be given elements of heraldry and heraldic colors to physically assemble their own personal "coat of arms" according to (simplified) rules. The charges provided (such as lions, bears, fish, etc.) will come with an explanation of traditional virtues or characteristics that children can choose from.
10am - 11amThe Black Death's Influence on Art and LiteratureMistress Andriet di PisanHistory of the Black Death and how it influenced life, literature and art around Europe and even to todayNoneTBD
11am - 12pmFingerloop BraidingMistress Margery of Crosgate called MarsaliTeens 12-17
Class Limit 10
Learn to read a pattern and create period braiding, which was used for everything from sealing documents, to tying armor together. Beginner level braids will be taught in this class.
11am - 12pmFeastcratting LogisticsMistress Andriet di PisanPlanning a feast from beginning to end.NoneTBD
11am - 12pmStrategy, Skill, Chance, and Drinking: Games in Tang Dynasty ChinaTHL Ouyang YingzhaoA brief sampling of some of the popular games playes during the Tang Dynasty, including Go, Pitch-Pot, Double-Sixes and Wine Orders.NoneTBD
1pm - 2pmHistory of Medicine in KoreaMin Su YunClass will include a short history of korean medicine, the structure of medical clinics and physicians, and the role of women in medicine. We will also go over recipes and beliefs.NoneTBD
1pm - 2pmDeveloping a Period Eye for IlluminationBaroness Sunneva de CleiaCome learn about the medieval and Renaissance illumination aesthetic, and improve the periodicity of your work. We will work to develop a period eye for illumination, and tackle questions such as: What makes a painting “bar and ivy,” and not just “lines and leaves”? What colors make up “white vine”? What makes a painting “squashed bug”? This class is participatory – bring your thinking caps and sharpen your eyes! Handouts will be available. This class is open to scribes of all ages and ability.NoneTBD
1pm - 3pmGyotaku - Japanese Fish PrintingSensei Kojin and Mistress Margery of Crosgate called MarsaliChildren ages 5-11 children under 8 will need an adult to help them one-on-one. Please bring a smock or apron as this is a messy class.
Class Limit: 15
2pm - 3pmThrowing Shade on Your ScrollMistress Thorkatla HerjolfsdottirThis class shows how to shade scrolls based on techniques, color theory, and period aesthetics.NoneTBD
2pm - 4pmEasy BaraLady Sophia BerkeleyAn easier way to make bara tapes for patterning late-period clothing. No prior knowledge about the bara system required. Participants will leave with a full set of four bara tapes.$5TBD
2pm - 4pmHistory of Belly Dance That Ties and Incorporates ATS Movements TogetherTHL Admiranda LeDayeThis class will cover belly dance movements from various cultures and time periods and tie them all together to create the movements used in American Tribal Style belly dance. All ages and sizes are welcome! No experience in belly dance is needed.NoneTBD