Baronial Succession Policies

When necessary, and in accordance with Kingdom Law, the Barony shall, in a timely manner, advise and petition the Crown to appoint persons to the position of Territorial Baron and/or Baroness. This advice shall be in the form of a written request to the Crown to appoint specific persons chosen by the Barony through a formal process of nominations and polling. This process shall be organized and overseen by a non-baronial (Iron Mountain) person appointed by the Crown or the Kingdom Seneschal.

In a formal business meeting, members of the Barony who are paid members of the S.C.A. in good standing and have attended at least 25% of the regularly scheduled meetings of the Barony in the preceding six months shall be permitted to make nominations for the position of Baron and/or Baroness. Nominees must also meet the membership and attendance requirements. Participation in fighter practices, canton meetings, or other S.C.A. activities shall not count in determining whether or not an individual has attended the minimum of 25% of the meetings of the Barony. (Attendance sign-in sheets for the prior six-seven months, which are maintained by the Seneschal, should be provided to the kingdom representative prior to the onset of the succession process.) Formal nominations will only be accepted at this meeting, and must be made in person. All nominations shall be published in theIron Baron, to be distributed at the next meeting.  If the group wishes they may ask that a date be set for a panel discussion at which time all nominees will be given time to answer questions and address concerns of the populace. The kingdom representative shall moderate this panel. The dates for the panel discussion and formal vote shall be published in the Iron Baron also.

On the announced date, a secret polling shall be conducted. Members who meet the above attendance requirement are eligible to participate in this polling. The kingdom representative shall have the final word in determining eligibility based on the sign-in sheets provided. Each polling form must provide space for written comments concerning the nominees because, in keeping with Corpora and Kingdom Law, it is the responsibility to share both support for and opposition to specific individuals to the Crown. This support or opposition should be supported with facts. While every effort should be made to be present at the polling, there are unavoidable circumstances that do arise, thus polling forms and comments from eligible members may be mailed directly to the kingdom representative provided they are signed and postmarked within 24 hours of the polling date. The kingdom representative shall collect the polling forms with comments, make photocopies of them and provide them to the Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal.

The Barony shall complete the polling process and provide the Crown (through the kingdom representative) with advice within six weeks of the date the position of Baron/Baroness becomes vacant or the current holders announce the intent to step down from the position, whichever comes first. The Crown will then take into advisement the results and comments of the polling and will announce to the populace of Iron Mountain the Crowns choice for the new Baron/Baroness. At that time, a date/event will be determined for the baronial investiture of the incoming Baron/Baroness.