Baronial Awards

  • Grey Wolf – Fighting, Fencing, and Live Weapons
  • Moonstone – Arts and Sciences
  • Order of the Ardent Dragon – Children’s award
  • Argent Unicorn (women) – Service to the Barony
  • Sable Axe (men) – Service to the Barony
  • Sanguine Mountain – The highest level Baronial award, given at the pleasure of the Baron and Baroness. It is an armigerous award, meaning that it includes an Award of Arms (AOA, with the title of Lord or Lady) if the recipient doesn’t already have it. This also means that it is recognized at the Kingdom level, and in the Order of Precedence it comes ahead of a simple AOA.
  • Oread and Chivalrous Dove - These awards are determined by group vote once a year. They are traditionally presented at Black Axe. In order to nominate and vote, members are required to have been with the Barony for at least a year. The men get together to select one woman who best personifies the traits of a medieval woman. The women get together to select one man who has been the most chivalrous. These awards may be given to people outside of the Barony, as long as they are known to a large number of Baronial members. No one may receive the award more than once.

Anyone in the Barony may write a letter to the Baron and Baroness recommending that someone receive one of the awards above. In addition to the person’s name, be sure to state the award you think they deserve and why you think they deserve it. This should include specific actions or accomplishments. The recommendation should be made discreetly, in case Their Excellencies decide not to act on it immediately