Presented by Maestra Magdalena da Parma
Assisted by Lady Macha Drake

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First Course
Fava Bean Dip, Arabic / Persian
Cato's Olive Relish served with pita and feta, Roman
Samosas, Moghul Indian
Rolled Sandwiches, Arabic / Persian
Salad & Dressing, Elizabethan English
Mango Sherbet (drink), Moghul Indian
Seasoned Salt, Arabic / Persian 

Second Course
Roasted Hen with Murri, Arabic, Andalusia
Torte Bolognese, Neapolitan / Italian
Carrots in Cumin Sauce, Roman
Lemon Salad , Elizabethan English
Manchet (bread), English 

Boar's Head Endored and Armed, French / Burgundian

Third Course
Bratwurst (Sausage), German
Mustard, Northern European, Danish
Lentils, Catalan, Spanish
Pears Stewed with Cucumbers and Figs, Polish
Rye bread, Northern European, Danish, Anglo-Saxon
Watermelon and Honey Dew Melon Pickles, Russian 

Fourth Course
Pork Roast, Italian
Black Sauce, French
Cameline Sauce, French
Peas and onions, English
Turnip pudding, Russian 

Fifth Course
Stuffed Cookies, Arabic / Persian
Lebkuchen Cookies, German
Comfited Orange Peel, Elizabethan English
Hippocras, French

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