Magna Faire 2013

Christmas in Florence: The De Medici Tradition

Dec 6-8, 2013

Camp Woodman of the World
450 WOW Road,Blountsville, AL 35031

The Barony of Iron Mountain would like to invite you to join us for Christmas in Tuscany. For more than 400 years the De Medicis were able to elevate the city of Florence into a shining beacon for artists, scientists, politicians, and the occasional cloak and dagger assassin. As one of the wealthiest and most predominant families in the world, the De Medici family was famed for its generous patronage of the arts & sciences as well as their decadent parties.  

Please join us as we celebrate in the Tuscan style with a day full of Rapier duels, a spectacular Italian Feast, the Regional A&S and Magna Faires, and closing with a lavish Masquerade Ball.


Programmare (Schedule)

Primario (Main)

Venerdi (Fri)

  • 4pm Site Opens
  • 5pm Troll Opens
  • 7-10pm Traveler's Fare
  • 7-10pm Faire Registration
  • 12am Troll Closes

Sabato (Sat)

  • 7-8:30am Breakfast
  • 7am Troll Opens
  • 8-9:30am Faire Registration Open
  • 8am Scriptorium Open
  • 8-9am Embroiderer's Guild Meeting - Main Hall
  • 9am Heavy Armor Inspection - Field
  • 9am Rapier Armor Inspection - Rapier Field
  • 9am Siege Authorizations begin -Far Field
  • 9:45am Mandatory Judges & Entrants Meeting
  • 10am Magna Faire & Regional Faire begins
  • 10am Sword & Mistletoe Tourney (Heavy) - Field
  • 10am Baroness's Prize List (Rapier) - Rapier Field
  • 10am Vigil for Robert de Reim - Fieldside
  • 10am Heralds Meeting
  • 10:30am - Scribal Guild - Main Hall
  • 10:30am Bridesmaid' Tourney (Rapier) 
  • 10-11am Class- Dances for the Masquerade - Upper Porch
  • 11am - Costumers Guild - Pavillion
  • 12-1pm Fundraiser Lunch by The Incipient Canton of Valemere
  • 12-3 Faires open to Populace
  • 1pm - Saber Tourney (Heavy) - Field
  • 1pm - Baroness' Prize List Finals - Rapier Field
  • 1pm - Saltare Meeting - Pavillion
  • 1:30-2pm - Order of the Velvet Owl Meeting - Pavillion
  • 2pm Performing Arts Competition - Main Hall
  • 2pm Sword and Buckler Tourney - Rapier Field
  • 2pm Chivalry Meeting - Pavillion
  • 2pm Troll Closes
  • 2:30pm  "Sword and Buckler" Tournament  (Rapier) -Rapier Field
  • 2:30pm Order of the Pelican Meeting
  • 3pm Last call to pick up Faire entries from hall
  • 3pm Brewers Guild Meeting - Main Porch
  • 5pm (or at the Crown’s Pleasure) Court
  • Immediately Following Court Feast
  • Masquerade Caroso Ball in the Main Hall

Domenica (Sun)

  • Breakfast on the Go
  • 10am Site Closes

Battagliero Attavita (Martial Activities)

  • 9am Armor Inspection (All) 
  • 10am - Sword & Mistletoe Tourney (Heavy)
  • 10am - Baroness Prize List (Rapier) - Sponsored by Lucilla da Cefalu  Baroness of Iron Mountain
  • 10:30am - Bridesmaids Tourney (Rapier) -  Sponsored by the Meridian Order of the Blade
  • 1pm - Sabre Tourney (Heavy)
  • 1pm - Baroness Prize List Finals (Rapier)
  • 2:30pm - "Sword and Buckler" Tournament  (Rapier) - Sponsored by the Order of the Chivalry
  • All Day- Siege Engine Authorization

Colloquio (Meetings)

  • 8-9am Embroiderer's Guild - Main Hall
  • 10am Heralds Meeting - Pavillion
  • 10:30am - Scribal Guild - Main Hall
  • 11am - Costumers Guild - Pavillion
  • 1pm - Saltare Meeting - Pavillion
  • 1:30pm - Order of the Velvet Owl - Pavillion
  • 2pm - Order of the Chivalry Meeting - Pavillion
  • 2:30pm - Order of the Pelican - Pavillion
  • 3pm - Brewers Guild Meet & Greet- Main Hall Porch
  • TBA - Order of the Bough - TBA
  • All Day - Scriptorium - Main Hall


Mostra D'arte (Faires)

  • (Fri)7-10pm Early Faire Registration
  • 8-9:30am - Faire Registration Open 
  • 9:45am - Mandatory Judges & Entrants Meeting
  • 10am - Magna Faire and Regional Faire begin
  • 12-3pm - Faires open to populace
  • 2pm Performing Arts Competition
  • 3pm - Last call to pick up Faire entries

Merchanti (Mercants)
  • Silver Cicada Designs
  • Kerstyn's Zeramica
  • Tress & Comb
  • Calontir Trim
  • Big Elm Workshop
  • Chain Reactions
  • Henry's Endeavors
  • Hamish's Dreck
  • Fiona's Fancies
  • BookMan David the Scot
  • Signy's Stuff
  • Firehorse Pottery

Venditore di Carità (Fundraisers)
  • Portraits byBaron Gwydion ap Llewellyn - Kingdom Discretionary Fund
  • Clan Glenheather Bake Sale - The Gulf Wars Meridian Social
  • Fundraiser Lunch by The Incipient Canton of Valemere


Mostra D'arte (Faire)

Magna Faire Rules

2013 Special Category: Presents for the De Medicis

The Medicis received and gave (or sometimes re-gifted) the most fabulous gifts from all over Europe and beyond! What sort of fantastic thing might YOU bring to "give to the Medicis" this year at Magna Faire? Review this list for ideas or inspiration or just the spirit of the intention, which was compiled from old notes from the Duke regarding their gifts.


Banchetto (Feast)

First Course
Seasoned Salad w/ vinaigrette - Platina
Perne (Ham)  -Apicius
Dates in the Roman Style - Apicius
Epityrum (Olive Relish) - Cato
Mustard  - Libro di cucina/Libro per cuoco
Fucaccina (Focaccia)  - Scappi

Second Course
Indian Peacocks (Turkey) w/ sauce of quince & oranges  - Scappi
Roasted Asparagus  - Scappi
Vermicelli  - Martino
Pears in Wine Sauce - Martino

Third Course
Roasted Beef  - Tractatus de modo preparandi
Boiled Pepper  - et condiendi omnia cibaria
Saute of Mushrooms & Leeks  - Libro della cucina del secolo
Ravioli w/ fresh cheese & herbs  - Libro di cucina/Libro per cuoco

Fourth Course
Peach Crostata  - Scappi

There Will Be A Banqueting Table At The Ball After Feast


Masquerade (Caroso Ball)

Partial Dance List

Amoroso (12 piva)
Petit Vriens
Gioioso in Tre
Dance by request


Prezzi (Prices)

Adult  Feast No Feast
Weekend $26 $18
Daytrip $20 $12
Weekend $17 $13
Daytrip $11 $7


Make checks Payable to: SCA, Inc. / Barony of Iron Mountain
Non-Members add $5 Family pricing applies. Per Kingdom Law, no family shall pay a site fee higher than three (3) adult member for admission to an event as long as the children are 15 years of age or younger and they are all members.
*Children's pricing applies for those under 15. Children 5 and under who are not taking a bed or feast are free. If you wish to reserve bed spaces for any children under six, you will need to pay the child's weekend rate (with feast or off board) for them.

 *Due to limited space anyone wanting to Merchant at Magna Faire should contact the Event Steward before Tuesday Dec. 3rd. Please include the name of your booth, your name (SCA and Mundane), approximate footprint, and a brief description of your wares.

 **Electrical outlets in the cabins are scarce. Anyone with a medical condition requiring electricity will be given priority on the outlets. Those in need should contact the reservationist as soon as possible to ensure proper bunk arrangements.

 *** RV lots are rented through the site at a rate of $35 per night. Please contact the site to make arrangements.


Il Personale (Event Staff)

Event Stewards             
Lord Sebastian of Iron Mountain   THL Adelaide of Iron Mountain
mka Ryan Cullen   mka Patricia Lovelady
205-743-8964   256-452-8770
Cook   Faire Steward
Mistress Dametta of Arundel   Mistress Magdalena de Parma
mka Deborah Chism-Rackard   mka Louise Webb
Lady Aranwen of Willow Ford   Printable Reservation Form:
mka Tina Wiliford   Magna_Faire_Reservation_form.pdf
205-267-8757   Direct Download
1461 Suncrest Cir  
Bessemer, AL 35020