Preliminary Schedule

5:00pm  Troll opens
7:00pm Travelers’ Fare: Duchess Katrina’s Wolf & Unicorn Tavern

7:00am               Troll opens
7:30-9:00am        Breakfast 
9-10:15am           Classes
11:00- 12:15pm    Classes
12:15-1pm            Lunch
1:00pm                Troll closes
2:00 – 3:15 pm     Classes
3:30 – 5:00pm      Classes
6:00pm                Court
----                       Casual  Feast following Court
----                        Ball 
----                        Bartic Circle and  Revel

9:00am                         Grab-N-Go Breakfast
11:00am                       Site Closes

Coming Soon to the Schedule:
Specific Class Schedule
Non Fighting Class Schedule
Order of the Chivalry Meetings
Order of the Bough Meeting
Order of the Velvet Owl Meeting 

Order of the Sable Sword Meeting