Black Axe 2016

Black Axe

June 3 - 5, 2016

Hidden Cove RV Resort:

687 County Rd 3919, Arley, Alabama 35541

Join us as we face off between the French and the English, just as in the great Battle of Agincourt. Whose side will you take, and which cuisine will you prefer the taste of?

Come and enjoy a day filled with activities, fighting, fun and food.

This camping only site opens at 5:00pm Fri. and closes at 10am Sun.

This is a discreetly wet site.  No unattended fires.


Printable Reservation Form




Daytrip – $10 adult (age 18 and older) / $2 for children (age 17 and under)

Weekend (includes Fri. Traveler’s Faire, Sat. breakfast) – $13 adult (age 18 and older)/ $4 children (age 17 and under)

Feast – add $8 for all ages.

Nonmember surcharge – $5
“Those individuals not providing proof-of-membership will pay the society nonmember surcharge.”

“Beginning January 1st, 2016 no event sponsored by the Kingdom of Meridies or a group within the Kingdom will charge event fees for children 17 & Under. The following exceptions do apply:

If the child intends to eat event provided food, they must pay the ‘on-board’ fee.
If an event site charges on a “per head” structure, this cost may be passed on to the child.
If the child uses bed space which is limited in nature, the child may be charged for that bed space.”

Make checks payable to: SCA, Inc./Barony of Iron Mountain



Duchess Katrina of Iron Mountain –
Sir Barthelemy of Illyria -- (205) 907-3788 email or text preferred 
THLady Aranwen of Willow Ford -- (205) 500-0448 email or text preferred

Feastcrat: THLady Marguerite Stewart

Merchant Steward:  THLady Anne Geyervogelin at

Reservations: THL Siobhan Stewart (Pam Sokoll)
2917 Frost Drive S.W. Decatur Al. 35603
256-436-2990 -- No calls after nine.