Heavy Weapons

The Hammer Melee

Two melee teams will be chosen with one fighter representing Thor for team Thor and and one fighter representing Vulcan for team Vulcan.

Both Thor and Vulcan will be armed with a single handed hammer with a basket hilt.The combat legal hammers will be provided.

Neither Thor or Vulcan are allowed to carry a shield.

Both Thor and Vulcan are invulnerable to all other fighters; thus they can only kill each other with their hammers.

If one (or both) of them is killed by the other, another fighter on their team may take up their hammer, thus taking on that persona.This ensures that the final fight to determine the winner will be between Thor and Vulcan no matter who ends up as the fighter representing them at the end.

For safety's sake a fighter attempting to swap weapons to fight with a hammer must be allowed to do so without being attacked by any party. Once they pick up the hammer they are no longer allowed to carry their shield and must safely hand it off.





Single elimination, wounds retained tournament and a rapier melee.

Live Weapons


Coming Soon!