April 26-28

Hidden Cove RV Resort
Arley, AL 35541


For whom will your Banner fly in our Bannermen Warlord Tourney?

Politics and backstabbery abound as Baronial fighters sway support and build teams for a Grand Melee that will determine the next Warlord of Iron Mountain. Will you keep to your word and fight for the underdog or swing your forces to the stongest team? No one will know until the battle is on!


Show your pride for your household or personal heraldry and participate in our Campsite Heraldic Display Competition.

Judges will score each participating campsite in categories including: Campsite Unity, Individual Heraldic Display, and Group Heraldic Display.


Meridian Guilds, Interest Groups, and Officers are invited to host Roundtable Discussions or Curia, for old and new members. Unlike a Class with a teacher, Roundtables are open to all experience levels and encourage the experienced to share their knowledge and answer questions in a more open forum with later follow up.

(Contact the Autocrat if your group would like time on the Roundtable Schedule)


And plenty of other activities!



5:00pm -12am - Troll Opens
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm - Traveler's Fare - Clubroom
10:00 pm to 1:00 am - Open Revel - Fire ring
12:00am Troll closes

7:00am Troll Opens
7:00-8:15am Breakfast in clubroom

9:00am Heavy Armor Inspection (see Fighting Schedule)
9:00am Rapier Armor Inspection (see Fighting Schedule)
9:00am Live Weapons Range opens (see Fighting Schedule)

10:00am CLASS: Demystifying SCA Heraldry
** Heraldic Consultation will be available in the Main Hall throughout the day**
10:30am Hounds Course w/ Children's class

12:00-1:00pm Fundraiser Lunch by Meridian Land Office
12:30-1pm Heraldic Display Judging

1pm-2pm Newcomers Curia hosted by Their Royal Majesties
2:00pm Roundtables Begin (see Roundtable Schedule)
2:00pm Troll Closes

Court at Their Royal Majesties' Discretion
The Golden Cask (clubroom 21+ ID Req'd)
Open Revel by the Fire

7:00am - Breakfast - Clubroom
10:00am - Site closes



9:00 Armor Inspection
9:00-4:00 Illegal Dueling
10:00 Black Axe Tourney
10:00 Live Weapons Tournament
11:00-12:00 Rapier Scenerio 1 - The Prize Fight of Marie La Cousturiere
1:00 Bannerman Warlord Tourney w/Combat Archery
*TBA Wight Melee
*TBA Pickup Fighting

Rapier Scenerio: Illegal dueling- Dueling is forbidden, anyone caught dueling will be punished. However, if one does not get caught, points are awarded to the victorious with the top two challengers facing off the next morning at Dawn. Breakfast will be provided to said parties. and a prize to the winner

Rapier Scenerio: The Prize Fight of Marie La Cousturiere - Marie will take on all challengers from 11-12 in honor of being inducted to the Companion of the Argent Rapier. Light refreshments will be provided.

Black Axe Tourney: A standard double elimination tournament with prize purse and bragging rights.

Bannerman Warlord Tourney: Baronial fighters will enlist the aide of other combatants to fight by their side during this Grand Melee with Combat Archery. Which offer will you accept? Is your word your bond or do you fight for the winning side? The outcome of this battle will determine the next Warlord of Iron Mountain, so choose wisely.

Wight Melee: The dead rise to harry the living in this Grand Melee! Once a fighter has been killed he will rise from the grave (resurrection point), without the protection of a shield, and only a mighty blow to the head can stop him for good! Combat Archers are welcome.

Live Weapons Tournament: Scenerios TBA

*if time and participation permits



Roundtable Discussions are for people of all interest and experience levels. All are invited to attend and contribute their knowledge of the topic or just sit and listen to the stories of the veterans. 

(At the Pavilion)

Official Kingdom Guilds 2:00-3:00
Table 1 - Iron Bow
Table 2 - Coursing Guild
Table 3 - Proposed Cheesemakers Guild Interest Meeting
Table 4 - Herbal Guild - Herb Mixer
Table 5  - Golden Cask (Brewers Guild)
Table 6 - Embroiderer's Guild

Interest Groups and Officers 3:00-4:00
Table 1 - Archery, Live Weapons, TWIC, & Combat Archery
Table 2 - All About Coursing
Table 3 - Chroniclers, Webministers, and Photographers - Mundane Arts in the SCA 
Table 4 - Use of Common Herbs in Period
Table 5 - Period Brewing in A Modern Kitchen
Table 6 - Chatelaines - Recruitment and Retention



The site is camping ONLY (all other accomodations are Sold Out) and offers plenty of space perfect for weekend primitive tenting. Period camping is encouraged but not required. Ground fires are welcome as long as they are tended. Due to the nature of the site bug spray and sunscreen are highly recommended. This is a WET site in a dry county, be prepared.

Nearby Jasper and Cullman have a number of hotel options including Holiday Inn Express and Hampton Inn.



687 County Road 3919 
Arley, AL 35541
(205) 221-7042 

GPS Coordinates: N 34°03'14.64" W 87° 8'48.75"

Driving Directions:
Take I-65 to Exit #308 (Highway 278). TURN WEST (toward Double Springs), go 15 miles. TURN LEFT onto County Road 77. Go 9.5 miles, TURN HARD LEFT (across from Old Nathan's Store) onto County Road 12. Go 4 miles STAYING LEFT at all forks, to Hidden Cove entrance.



Before April 1st Member Adults Children (6-12) Non-members 13 years and older add $5. 
Children 5 and under get in free.
Kingdom family pricing will apply.
Weekend $9.00 $5.00
Daytrip $7.00 $4.00
Feast Token $6.00 $2.00
At the Door Member Adults Children (6-12) Non-members 13 years and older add $5. 
Children 5 and under get in free.
Kingdom family pricing will apply.
Weekend $11.00 $6.00
Daytrip $9.00 $6.00
Feast Token $6.00 $3.00

FEAST MENU (Ingredients list)

First Course
Ginger Spiced Soft Cheese

Second Course
Leek Soup in Bread Bowl
Venison Stew in Bread Bowl

Third Course
Honeyed Chicken
Buttered Carrots
Apple Fretoures

Fourth Course
Roast Boar
Boiled Garlic
Dressed Salad

Fifth Course
Cream Swans
Lemon Cakes



Small Council
Mistress of Coins (Reservations)

Lord Sebastian of Iron Mountain
(Ryan Cullen)


Asst Council

Lord Sven Var Ragnvaldsson
(Stephen King)

Lord Eldric Redbeard
(Michael Edge)

THL Aminah al-Malek
(Wilhelmina Thomas)
2017 20th Place, North
Birmingham, AL 35234







Lady Genevieve Alaiz d'Avignon
(Kayla Adams)

Sous Chef
Lady Marguerite Stewart Of The Stormbringers
(Peggy Sokoll)

Show your pride for your household or personal heraldry and participate in our