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Black Axe

Black Axe is our Barony's Spring fighting event, normally held the last weekend of April. It is a light hearted event that tends to not take itself very seriously. Recent years have tended towards the pop-culture with themes like "As You Wish", "How to Train Your Dragon", "Ducks V Rabbits", and "A Game of Warlords". Black Axe regularly features the Black Axe Tourney, Barons Prize List, and Baronial Warlord Tourney. 

Magna Faire

Magna Faire is the Barony's Arts and Sciences Faire held the first weekend of December. Magna Faire tends towards extravogant later period themes that feature feasts prepared by some of the most renoun chefs and feastcrats in Meridies. As a Regional A&S Faire is often host to meetings of Guilds, Peerage, and Consulting Orders (Velvet Owl & Bough). On the field Magna Faire hosts the Sword & Mistltoe Tournament and the Baroness's Prize List.  

Current Event Flyers:

  •  Black Axe
  • Fighters' Collegium
  • Magna Faire
  • Incipient Groups' Event Flyers